"Working with Chris Barber has been a great pleasure,
his knowledge of food, chefs and business provides a unique resource.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Leiths Food Solutions Ltd."

Henrietta Green, Food Lovers Britain

Food Consultancy

Running a food business is both rewarding and jeopardous at the same time. The passion and commitment of food professionals is second to no other business people.

This, however, creates a problem; when you are working unbelievably hard and are so personally attached to your product, who within your establishment is going to objectively critique your offer?

How many times have you graciously thanked a chef or waiter, waxed lyrical about the merits of a cuisine, when you have in fact been served a lousy, sub-standard meal? It can be worse if you actually work in an environment where objective criticism of the product could lead to major internal fall-out.

We have all been there, and in most cases will take the easy way out…..The situation is made more difficult by familiarity; tasting, serving, observing the same product day after day removes any sense of context, making objective analysis of your own product impossibly difficult.

LFS have had many years of experience and expertise in food at all levels. Being a third party, there is no professional working relationship to compromise, and LFS can comfortably and articulately communicate the shortcomings of any product or food offer.

This is a valuable service that can be applied to full menus or single dishes, whole product ranges to single items; LFS can make the difficult decision, and if it means ‘calling your baby ugly’, we will do it sensitively but with honesty and integrity, for the benefit of the business.