"I was amazed to think that after Chris' visit
we were tasting the same menu as before!"

Nicola Creed, Garsington Opera

Public Space Catering

Leiths Food Solutions are fast becoming one of the foremost advisory bodies to public spaces that house a catering offer. After gaining valuable experience advising Picturehouse Cinemas, The Longleat Estate and Garsington Opera, LFS now also advise The Royal Albert Hall and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Restaurants, hospitality and catering form an important part of revenue generation to the majority of public attractions – museums, theatres and galleries are amongst those who are beginning to maximise their catering potential.

LFS have the knowledge and experience to help in a number of ways, from concept implementation and strategic review, to operational consultancy and tender documentation. LFS understand the pressures of a catering operation from the perspective of a caterer and restaurateur, but also from the host board of directors. LFS appreciate the demands for quality and service alongside the delivery of an acceptable P&L.

Having a full understanding and appreciation of the arts coupled with an in-depth catering knowledge enables LFS to liaise and communicate between parties, often heading off problems before they occur.

Whether trouble shooting an existing operation, or managing the recruitment and implementation of a new catering offer, LFS offer solution to the most complex of issues.