"Working with Chris Barber
and the LFS team has been an important ingredient in the
creation and implementation of a new concept."

Sergio Mottola, Founder and CEO, Food Secret Limited

Restaurant Consultancy

What is it and who is it aimed at?

The world of food service has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Whereas in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it was fairly straightforward to define what a restaurant was, nowadays a restaurant can be one of many things. Furthermore, restaurant and are now in the most extraordinary and diverse venues.

Leiths Food Solutions are primarily a restaurant consultancy, but are not confined to helping what would be considered a traditional restaurant. They prefer to describe the business as a service to the restaurant industry; this encompasses any venue or establishment that serves food to the public. The food service does not need to be commercial; LFS advise a number of charities and social enterprises alongside well known high street brands and top end gastronomes.

Under the umbrella title of restaurant come a number of other descriptive terms – café, deli, brasserie, bistro, buffet, diner, take-away, canteen, refectory, dining room, bar, pub, gastropub, eaterie, food hall….. et al. To summarise, any establishment that serves food is considered a restaurant and as such could benefit from restaurant consultancy if need be.

Leiths Food Solutions bring the combination of an experienced and trusted brand with modern dynamic thinking. LFS aspire to transform your good idea into a good business.