"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a great idea begin to work, a great
chef on the top of their game with a profitable business behind them both.
Our role is to be behind the scenes to help make these ideas happen."

Chris Barber, Lead Consultant, Leiths Food Solutions

Chris Barber judges international culinary festival

Chris Barber judges the Festval Culinaire Bernard Loiseau in Mauritius alongside some of the most prestigious names in international cuisine.

Chris Barber joined an illustrious group of international experts to judge the Festival Culinaire Bernard Loiseau in March at the 5 star Constance Belle Mare Plage .

Judges included Jean Luc Naret, the director general of The Michelin Guide, Dominique Loiseau, the widow of Bernard, and Wahabi Nouri, a previous festival winner and one of the highest rated chefs in Germany.

The festival centred on a competition between six one star Michelin rated chefs from accross Europe who paired and mentored a local Mauritian chef.

The competition was won by the British contestant, Bruce Poole of Chez Bruce in Wandsworth, and his island counterpart, Patrick Travady.