"There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a great idea begin to work, a great
chef on the top of their game with a profitable business behind them both.
Our role is to be behind the scenes to help make these ideas happen."

Chris Barber, Lead Consultant, Leiths Food Solutions

Chris fronts Unilever United Against Waste campaign

Chris has been working with Unilever Food Solutions to help with the creation of content for their groundbreaking ‘United Against Waste’ campaign. Specifically, Chris added much to the waste saving toolkit, creating much of the narrative and adding expert advice; http://www.unileverfoodsolutions.co.uk/our-services/your-kitchen/wiseuponfoodwaste/tools.

Chris also spoke at the recent launch event alongside Tracey Rogers; MD of  Unilever Food Solutions and pioneering waste saving campaigner Tristram Stuart.

Chris and Tristram also appeared on a radio campaign to help promote United Against Waste.

Kitchens and businesses up and down the country will benefit from the works carried out by Chris, alongside Unilever and their team.