"A confidential report is a great resource for a chef and an owner
to correct a weakness, or make more of their strengths,
before thousands of people read about it in The Sunday Times."

Chris Barber, Managing Director, Leiths Food Solutions

Not quite rocking all over the weekend

Chris Barber teaches cookery at rock weekend

Could a holiday with the pros turn him into the bassist he’d always wanted to be? Tom Horan signed up to find out.

Rock’n’roll and the country-house weekend go back a long way. Parking the Bentley in the swimming pool; snorting industrial quantities of cocaine in the snooker room; playing “hide the Mars bar” with the female guests – since the 1960s, musicians have made these pursuits as much a part of the bucolic English retreat as croquet, crumpets and the general-knowledge crossword.

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